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If you’re suffering from dry eye…scratchy, gritty, red, irritated eyes…you are well aware that having dry eyes can greatly impact your vision, and your life, making even everyday activities more difficult. You may have tried a variety of treatments, with no real relief. If you’re like many patients with chronic dry eye symptoms, your condition may be related to Evaporative Dry Eye, an inadequate protective layer of oil in your tears.





Dry Eye can lead to a variety of symptoms:

✓ Computer Fatigue

✓ Excessive tearing

✓ Sensitivity to light

✓ Mucus secretion

✓ Blurry vision corrected with blinking

✓ Redness

✓ Burning

✓ Itching

✓ Scratchiness

✓ Tired eyes

✓ Headaches

3 Simple ways to help Dry Eyes:

1. Use non-preserved Artificial Tears Four (4) Times Daily

2. Take Oral Flax Seed Oil Capsules Twice Daily

3. Clean your eyelashes with a wash cloth morning and night

Dry Eyes

No Need to Suffer From Dry Eyes Any Longer!

Dry Eye and Dry Eye Syndrome are very common eye problems characterized by an annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful sensation of dryness. Dryness of our eyes is a very common condition effecting young and old alike. Often times dryness of the eyes is first noted as scratchy feeling, red, irritated eyes that water a lot.  Often times the watering is so prominent that people are surprised to learn that dryness is the underlying problem. Dry Eye is often at its worse with prolonged reading, out in the wind and cold, upon awakening, and during the dry winter months.



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