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Glaucoma usually begins when pressure builds up in the eye. The pressure can damage the optic nerve, which sends messages to the brain so you can see. When the optic nerve is damaged, vision loss occurs making glaucoma a potentially blinding disease.




















Types of Glaucoma:


  • Open-angle glaucoma worsens slowly. It has no symptoms except for gradual vision loss and it often affects both eyes.


  • Closed-angle glaucoma results in sudden, intense eye pain and usually only affects one eye at a time.


Detecting and treating glaucoma early is key to saving your sight. Close monitoring of the disease can help to prevent many patients from developing symptomatic visual loss in their lifetime. Our doctors will work with you every step of the way tailoring a unique treatment plan for your eyes.






















Treatment Options:


At Stahl Vision we use three main methods to treat for Glaucoma:

  • Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

  • Laser treatment

  • Surgical treatment


There is no cure for Glaucoma, however these treatment options are for controlling it. The good news is that in almost all cases, Glaucoma is treatable, but must be diagnosed as early as possible. Thanks to advances in the Medical Treatment of Glaucoma, Laser Treatment of Glaucoma and Surgical treatment for Glaucoma, the Stahl Vision eye doctors will be able to recommend an individual treatment plan that is best for each patient.

The following information is limited to treatment of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma, as it is the most common type of Glaucoma. Primary Open Angle Glaucoma is treated by the three different approaches above depending on the severity of the disease and the ability of each treatment option to slow or halt the disease progression and preserve vision.






For more indepth deails about what Glaucoma is and how to treat it, visit our sister-site at

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