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If you're serious - or even just curious - about laser vision correction, Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles can help! Stahl Vision celebrates more than 20 years of helping the Dayton area see clearer with LASIK plus PRK. Here at our Ohio LASIK surgery center we have exceeded our dreams of becoming the top LASIK surgery center in the Dayton area. With our state-of-the-art facility, Ohio LASIK Surgery Center, they offer the experience and expertise necessary for precision surgery, and our staff are friendly and well trained to give you the personalized care you deserve. With the safety of the Allegretto Wavelight Laser, and the excellent results of CustomVision™, Drs. Stahl and Knowles have made seeing better easier than ever.

There are two forms of laser vision correction, LASIK and PRK. Both are laser vision correction, using the same laser, and differ only in the very first step. With LASIK, a thin flap of surface cells is lifted and the cornea is accurately remodeled underneath with the laser. With PRK, the surface cells are gently removed, and the treatment is done on the surface. Both have in common the safety and accuracy of CustomVision™ and the reassurance of tracking with Allegretto Wavelight Laser. Once Dr. Stahl or Dr. Knowles have measured your prescription, corneal thickness, and pupil size, they will be able to discuss which procedure is best for your eyes. Ready to find out? CLICK HERE!

Here at our Ohio LASIK surgery center, also known as Laser Vision Correction of Dayton, we exclusively offer CustomVision® our very latest technology, nomograms, and formulas for high definition vision. CustomVision® Laser Vision Correction for LASIK is a registered Trademark of our very own eye surgeon, Dr. Brian Stahl. This is the result of fine tuning our already amazing LASIK plus PRK outcomes within our 20 years of experience! We have more than 99.3% of our nearsighted patients seeing 20/20 or better after having surgery! You won't find this experience anywhere else; we offer the most experienced eye surgeons and doctors, the latest technology, a modern center, and a friendly caring staff!

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