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Ohio LASIK surgery combines with Stahl Vision Eye Center and

Eye Laser and Surgery Center under one roof.


Start getting the vision you deserve!  With LASIK eye surgery, advanced implants and cataract surgery, you can start seeing better than ever without your glasses or contacts!


Stahl Vision is able to offer a wide range of vision care! Whether it is LASIK eye surgery, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange, or cataract surgery with advanced implant lenses, Stahl Vision is able to accommodate for your needs while also offering the top eye surgeons in the area with over 20 years experience! Imagine seeing your world with crisp, clear vision! Seeing the world in detail from the time you get up, until the time you go to bed, without contacts or glasses.

20 years and Dayton's top surgeons! Peace of mind is not something you can put a price on.

Our regional eye center combines Ohio LASIK Surgery Center, Stahl Vision Eye Center, and Eye Laser and Cataract Surgery Center all under one roof to provide the latest technology, and team of the best eye doctors and surgeons to offer the best and personalized care. We're the leading eye care practice that provides medical eye care, cataract eye surgery and LASIK plus PRK eye surgery care to patients throughout Ohio. Founded by Dr. Brian Stahl, O.D., M.D., Dayton's top eye surgeon, more than 20 years ago-- the Stahl Vision team of laser eye surgeons (ophthalmologists) optometrists, technical and administrative staff are dedicated to your eye health and vision correction needs. Dr. James Knowles joined our team in 2006 having served as Chief of Ophthalmology at Wright Patterson Air Force base for close to 10 years.  Together Drs. Stahl and Knowles are the Miami Valleys most experienced LASIK plus PRK  and cataract surgery team. They are specialists in laser eye correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism using the CustomVision™ procedure to achieve  the high definition distance vision you deserve,  as well offering monovision LASIK to regain your near vision. Our laser eye surgeries are done at our in office facility, in our state-of-the-art LASIK suite.  Stahl Vision wants to offer options for all patients, including offering the Visian ICL™ lens, an implantable intraocular lens that is similar to an implantable contact lens, for those patients who are not good LASIK plus PRK surgery candidates.

With the safety of Allegretto WaveLight Laser, and the excellent results of CustomVision, Dr. Stahl has made seeing better easier than ever before!  Dr. Brian Stahl is the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the area and one of the top nationwide. One of the top eye surgery centers in Ohio, the Laser Vision Correction of Dayton offers the very latest technology with the best staff around. You can come in for an exam and find out if you are a good candidate, and then it's 3 easy steps to better vision!

Fine details and experience make a big difference in how you'll see with LASIK surgery and Dr. Stahl's and Dr. Knowles experience has helped thousands throughout the Miami Valley see clearly without glasses or contacts. For more information on our eye surgery center of Ohio, CLICK HERE.

As part of their commitment to your eye health and vision care, Stahl Vision provides comprehensive examinations, diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma including surgery and laser treatments for glaucoma should it be necessary and examinations and consultation for diabetic eye problems such as diabetic retinopathy.

The Stahl Vision cataract surgeons in Dayton, OH understand their patients want the safest, most comprehensive care possible, in a location that’s convenient and easy to find. That’s why Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles have opened the Eye Laser & Surgery Center.

Stahl Vision celebrates more than 20 years of helping people in Dayton, Ohio and the Miami Valley to see more clearly with LASIK plus PRK, types of laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, at our Ohio LASIK surgery center.

“Very Impressed with everyone that I came in contact with. The staff is very organized and treats each patient with respect.”

Mike Hurst

“ We saved our pennies for our first time to Walt Disney World, and I'm so fortunate to get to see the trip crystal clearly! My girls accidentally splashed me in the face and apologized, worried it would bother my contact lens...I reminded them that there was no longer a reason to worry - contact-free since January and my first time dunked in the swimming pool! No glasses flying off on roller coasters either. So wonderful - thank you, Stahl Vision!"
                                                    Natalie Rohlfs

"I booked a few consultations before deciding where to have my Lasik procedure done, and as soon as I went to Stahl Vision, I KNEW this was the place I trusted to take care of my eyes! Dr. Stahl and his team are great to interact with, and they make you feel like you are a friend instead of just another patient. I couldn't believe how well I could see right after the procedure, and I'm excited to experience life now without glasses or contacts!! I am SO thankful for Stahl Vision, and I hope everyone chooses to have Lasik by Dr. Stahl!"


Facebook review, June 2015


Dr. Brian R. Stahl, O.D., M.D.

Dr. James R. Knowles, M.P.H., M.D.


Dr. Brian Stahl is a board certified  ophthalmologist specializing in LASIK. He is one of the top 50 surgeons in the nation and Miami Valley's most experienced LASIK surgeon. Dr. Stahl  is also a national consultant for other LASIK surgeons and laser companies.



Dr. James Knowles is board certified ophthalmologist specializing in LASIK. He was Chief of Ophthalmology at Wright Patt before joining Stahl Vision, and is one of the military's, and now civilian's, most experienced LASIK surgeons.

For more information on Dayton's Top Surgeons please click here!

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