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LASIK Eye Surgery

Cost & Financing


It's common for the cost of LASIK to vary from one practice to another.  There are a few factors that will affect the price you can expect to pay for LASIK eye surgery. You will need to consider the experience of the surgeon, technology used, and the follow-up care provided.


Price of LASIK Surgery and Included Services 


          A few factors that can affect the cost of LASIK:      


  • Top Rated LASIK Surgeons:

    • Dr. Brian Stahl and Dr. James Knowles have been practicing for more than 20 years! Together they have performed over 25,000 LASIK and PRK procedures in the Miami Valley. Putting them as the top LASIK eye surgeons in the area!  The doctors will personally evaluate you at your consultation, discuss your individual surgery plan, perform your procedure, and see you for all of your post operative care!

  • Our technology:

    •  Stahl Vision uses cutting edge Wavelight technology, also known as CustomVision®. This technology allows us to custom measure your eye giving us the most precise map and resulting in treatment of all your visual imperfections, not just nearsighted and farsighted impairments. This eye-laser advancement, yields 99.3% of our nearsighted patients seeing 20/20 or better without contacts or glasses.

  • Lastly, post-operative care:

    • Post operative care is extremely important to the outcome of your vision. You will be seen by Dr. Stahl and Dr. Knowles for your post-operative care appointments at no additional cost. 

Price below included $600 off

Payment options also include:

Visa and Mastercard:

We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard as a form of payment As always, check with your financial institution to find out about your daily spending limits and transaction fees.  

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or FSA:

Health Savings & Flex Spending Accounts are also another way our patients can use Pre-Tax dollars to pay for LASIK and Refractive Lens Exchange. If you have an HSA or a FSA, it is best to come in for a full eye exam to find out if you are a candidate. At this time we can tell you what funds to allocate for the procedure.


Cash Discount: 

If you prefer to pay your balance in full in cash or cashier's check we also offer an additional discount of 3% off your total balance due.

Contact Stahl Vision at 937-643-2020 or CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE LASIK consultation


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